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i love yasmin

2010-03-04 19:09:42 by hamzawy

i love yasmin, she is the wind that makes me fly, she is the birds that sings up high, she is the sun that makes me warm, she is the the woman with the best form, she is like a painting, drawn so perfectly, my life would slip past me looking at her, she is my best friend, my best dream, my best everything....with her lips the words are perfect, and her eyes makes me a better i...her laugh brings joy to my heart, her heart brings love to mine....i see her face in the clouds, where she takes me with her presence, she touches my mind, my heart and my soul....if earth was heaven, then heaven is yasmin, i could write till my hair is grey, my arms are weak, my body is old, but my soul will always be lit by her love, youthful as ever. with her, life is life, with her, i am i. if i could bring her happiness, i'm where i want to be. i love her, i really really do, hya 7abibty el mas7ash 3'er 3ala sotha, wala anam 3'er 3ala sotha, hya 7abibty el ba7ebbaha, 7ayaty beeha, ana hya, hya ana, yasmin, nty a3'la 3alaya mn rou7y, w mate3'lash 3aleky rou7y, 5alleteeny a2ool kalam 3omry mashoft nafsy tabee3y, 3ashan 3omry mashoft wala hashouf 7ad zayek. rabbena ye7fazna le ba3d ya yasmin, insha'allah h3mel kol el rabbena ye2addarny 3aleh w haktahed w ha3mellek kol 7aga insha'allah nty bs te7lamy beeha. ba7ebbek.